Business Entities

There is more to business success than vision, passion and hard work. Before you even get your business idea afloat, you need to think very carefully about what kind of legal structure you want to use for your company. This is one of the most important and crucial decisions to take, as it will determine everything from your tax rate - up to the amount of responsibility you will face in legal disputes that may affect your business. That is why it is best to have a Business Law Firm at your side to advise you.

  • Entity Selection and Business Formation (profit and non-profit)
  • Regulatory Compliance (Federal, State, Municipal)
  • Contract drafting, review and negotiation
  • Corporate Governance Documents(Operating Agreements and Shareholder’s Agreements)
  • Confidentiality Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Sales and Distribution Agreements
  • Software and Website Development Agreements
  • Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policies
  • Product Labeling
  • Mergers, Acquisitions or Sale of Business Transactions
  • Corporate Dissolution

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