Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a client of your firm?

In order to become a client of Del Pino Law Firm, you can call our office at (305) 362-6277 to set up a consultation with a member of our staff. During this consultation, a member of our staff will sit with you and ask you general questions regarding you legal needs. This information will be provided to the attorneys at our firm, who determine whether our firm is able to provide you with services that can help you resolve your legal needs. Within a week, we meet with you in person to inform you whether we are able to represent you in your legal matter. The initial consultation is FREE of charge.

What is expected of me as a client of Del Pino Law Firm?

We expect you to be honest, responsive, and diligent throughout the litigation process. Your cooperation is crucial to obtaining the best possible outcome for your case. There may be occasions during the litigation process where we may need to meet with you in order to prepare for litigation. In these instances, we will need and expect your diligent cooperation in reviewing your case.
We want you to ask us any questions and inform us of any concerns you may have regarding your case. Our legal team is here to assist you for that purpose.

What kind of services does Del Pino Law Firm provide?

Our firm provides legal services in Bankruptcy, Mortgage Modification, Foreclosure Defense, Personal Injury & Accidents, Family law, Immigration, and Business Entities. For further information on the services we provide, click here.

How long can my case take?

The duration of cases varies and depends on the information that is provided by the client. If I change my mind about the service that is provide can I stop paying? If you change your mind regarding the services being provided to you while the service is still active, you may revoke the status of your service. You will be charged a final fee for time and maintenance.

What are the service fees and charges?

The service fees and charges depend on the service that is requested. Depending on the service, the fee can be a one-time fee or a monthly fee.

Are there any monthly fees for the service provided?

Not all services we provide incur a monthly fee. If the service you request includes a monthly fee charge, the charge will end once the case is closed.

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